About OC for Life


OC for Life is a grassroots organization made up of ordinary, everyday people. Like you, we were appalled by the video evidence put forward by the Center for Medical Progress Human Capital Project. Like you, we were called to act--and quickly organized a public rally in opposition to the funding of Planned Parenthood in Orange County. Like you, we were stunned that the traditional mainstream media (MSM) had no interest in covering this story. Subsequent rallies and turnouts in Orange, Anaheim, and Mission Viejo, despite large numbers of people present, all went un-covered by our print, radio, and television news outlets. So, like you, or any other reasonable person, we decided to act. OC for Life was born.


OC for Life is the one-stop multimedia resource to advance greater understanding of why Planned Parenthood must be defunded in Orange County, from every source--school board, city, state, and federal--and how to accomplish this. We cover this story, because MSM won’t.


The mission of OC for Life is to inform, motivate, organize, and activate for the purpose of seeing that no taxpayer money is spent on Planned Parenthood in Orange County.

Our Leadership

Fr. Andrew Bartus (Chaplain)

John Hranek

Kiersten Lynch

Mark McElrath

Aileen Blachowski